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The Many Benefits of Buying a New Home from Driggers Homes

Besides the obvious beauty and comfort, there are many remarkable reasons for buying a new home from Driggers Homes. While the Driggers hold true to the Southern traditions of hospitality, charm, and politeness, our construction and building methods are cutting edge. So, in short, we couple our Southern charm with higher education and expertise to bring you the very best home buying experience. We are all about offering the best that a new home has to offer and that is why Driggers Homes builds homes and communities around your family. Please continue reading to find the numerous benefits of buying a new home from Driggers Homes.
Our Team
Since our founder and mentor, Harry I. Driggers, built his first home in 1962, Driggers Homes has been a solid mainstay in The Golden Isles portion of Georgia. Every family member and team member are involved because we each have a very special mission in the company. We boast an extensive background in residential construction and building design and employ specialists in their prospective field. So, when you buy a Driggers home, you are getting a team of highly qualified individuals who put a great deal of thought into the design and construction of your new home.
Locally Owned & Operated Business
Driggers Homes has been building homes and businesses in Glynn County for almost six decades. We not only work in the community and for the community, the Driggers family calls The Golden Isles home sweet home. We are proud of the fact that we are a 3rd generation building company with a solid reputation for quality. But we are even more proud that Driggers Homes gives back to the community by purchasing many of our building materials from local vendors and employing local subcontractors. That means a lot to our family and community because we help keep our local economy strong.
Energy Efficiency
It is important to us that you don’t waste your hard-earned income on unnecessary and wasteful costs. Driggers Homes are built with tight building envelope designs and are insulated with the best and safest materials on the market. We use low e-glass, which provides an energy efficient way to control the passage of heat that is allowed in and out of your new home. You will also find modern HVAC systems that reduce energy costs and keep interior temperatures comfortable. Our new Driggers homes are built with contemporary appliances that are more cost-effective than older models.
Low Maintenance
Driggers Homes wants you and your family to take full advantage of what South Georgia has to offer. We purposefully build Driggers Homes as low maintenance as possible. We use materials such as fiberglass, fiber cement, and vinyl, all of which require little attention to maintain their look and performance. Other materials such as tabby shell- and traditional stucco are low maintenance and visually appealing. Driggers Homes feature architectural shingles that are tougher and more durable 3-Tab shingles and come with a minimum 30-year prorated warranty. This means that you will not be spending most of your free time making improvements, cleaning, or repairing.
Every home that Driggers Homes builds is constructed to meet or exceed the most current county and state building codes. Doing this helps ensure the safety of you and your family and helps reduce the chance of injury and fire. Your new Driggers home features hardwired smoke detectors with battery backup for added safety and convenience. You will also find that many of the building materials we use are made of the safest, most high-quality resources that are available. We want you and your family to feel safe and secure in your neighborhood and in your home, so Driggers Homes takes great care in procuring the safe and sound materials.
Customization Capabilities
Your home should meet your needs and show your personality and style. Our custom-built homes afford new homeowners the option of selecting materials and colors. A custom home buyer has the option to select all exterior finish colors and materials such as stucco and shingle colors as well as interior appointments like cabinets, fixtures, and floors. Driggers Homes also offers design improvements and detailed floor plans to meet your family’s specific needs and wants. We also give you additional options like screened-in porches and window blinds to make sure your home is move-in ready and customized for you. Your new home will really be yours in every way.
Neighborhood & Vicinity Amenities
The Golden Isles is steeped in Southern charm and beauty, and Driggers Home Communities are no exception. Our ample amenities vary by subdivision and may include swimming pools, lakes, and natural “green” areas so that you and your family can take advantage of the great outdoors. Some Driggers Communities boast sidewalks, playgrounds, and fitness centers with the latest equipment. Many communities have a Clubhouse and common area just for residents to enjoy. Driggers Communities are always centrally located to Glynn County schools and conveniences such as shopping centers and grocery stores. So, you never have to travel far to enjoy what The Golden Isles has to offer.
Tax Benefits
Buying a Driggers Homes property means more tax advantages for you and your family. Come tax time, you will be able to use the Mortgage Interest Deduction to reduce your bottom-line tax costs. In addition, the profit you make on the sale of a primary residence may not be taxable. Please consult your accountant or a tax professional for all the perks and financial benefits of buying a new Driggers Home, along with how home ownership can be used as a tool to build wealth.
Driggers Homes stands behind its building materials and workmanship. Therefore, we exceed Georgia minimum standards by offering a Two-Year Warranty on your new homes’ plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components. We also provide you and your family with a 1-Year Warranty on our workmanship and building materials. Please speak to your personal Driggers Sales Associate for the exact details of our generous warranties.